As a WD Bride you are given exclusive access to our on-site alteration staff along with the director of the department who will make certain your wedding gown is masterfully altered and customized with most any design changes you desire. Contact the alterations department for your appointment!


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Alterations FAQ

The national average of the cost of alterations is about $895. Can it be less...of course. It can also be more depending on what needs to be altered on the gown. We only charge you for what needs to be done to the dress to get it to fit properly. So if you need just a hem and bustle, we only charge you for a hem and bustle. You are given a written estimate of alterations fees when you buy your gown, we like to be as transparent as possible on these fees so you know well in advance.

Alterations are what needs to be done to the gown to have it fit properly based on the design of the gown. Customizations are changes that you want to make the gown more for you, such as adding a sleeve or change the shape of the neckline or backline of the gown

Alterations need to start 12 weeks before the wedding and at least 8 weeks prior to the bridal portraits. If your time frame is smaller than that please contact the salon ASAP, so we can work out a plan accordingly.

All undergarments that you are planning to wear on the wedding day need to be at every fitting so we can assure a proper fit throughout the whole process. This includes but not limited to bra, shoes, petticoat, spanx, and/or anything else you want for foundational purposes for your gown to fit how you want. If any of these items are not at the fitting, it will need to be rescheduled.

Most brides need a minimum of 3-4 fittings. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done and if you are doing bridal portraits prior to the wedding. If there is any customizations being made to the gown ( neckline change, adding sleeves, etc.) its more likely 4-6 fittings will be needed.

We ask that you look the way you want to look at the time for the wedding when you start alterations and maintain once you start. So we can keep the amount of alterations to a minimum if possible. Otherwise if we have to alter the same area due to weight fluctuation, there would be an additional charge.