Age Restrictions for Our Salon: Because of the valuable and delicate composition of our wedding gowns we CANNOT allow any children 18 or younger to gain entrance into the salon. It is important for our management staff to provide a memorable experience for all brides selecting their wedding gowns!

Yes, we are by appointment only. When you book an appointment with us you are reserving a fitting room and the time and attention of one of our experienced consultants. Once an appointment is made, your personal bridal stylist will contact you the week of your appointment to discuss your wedding and the details of what you want to look like the day of your wedding.

Our appointments are 90 minutes long so you can receive the full WD experience. Your bridal stylist will take you through the salon and help you in the fitting room. Navigating the salon can be overwhelming at first, but we are here to help make finding your dream wedding gown a lot of fun!

Bring up to 4 people who are nearest and dearest who have your best interests at heart. As far as age restrictions all guests must be 18 or older. We want this day to be about the bride and having fun throughout the whole entire process.

This is a great question that can be answered a few different ways. It depends on your wedding date. Wedding gowns on average can take 4-6 months to come in once they have been ordered. Then the gown will need to be altered to fit you which can take another 2-3 months. However, if your wedding is less than 4 months away, DO NOT WORRY we can help. We can accommodate close dates, we have gowns that can be ordered on a rush, they can be bought out of stock, and we have an alterations department in the salon that can rush as well.

Get ready for your appointment! Do you have pictures or an inspiration board you can share with your stylist? If so, great email them over to info@weddingsbydebbie.com and put it attention to your stylist. We want you to have an open mind, something that looks good on the Internet may not be as great in person. When trying on gowns its important to try something that you normally wouldn’t try on, as you may find that the wild card could be your wedding gown. Keep in mind this will be as easy as you want it to be. Have fun and “Listen to your Heart”, it will lead you to the perfect gown for you.

Our wedding gowns start at $1899 and go up to $10,000+, with the majority of our collection between $1899-4299.

We do offer alterations for our brides only. We book up in this department quickly, so we have to put out clients on a waitlist as soon as the possible. We unfortunately are not able to alter every gown for every bride. So the sooner you purchase your gown, the sooner we will get you on a waitlist.

We do offer full service storage and pressing of your gown complimentary. We store your gown until you are ready to pick up for your wedding. It is very important to store your gown properly and in the correct climate to help keep your gown in great condition. We have a pressing service as well that will do the final procurement process to get ready for the wedding.

The national average of the cost of alterations is about $895. Can it be less...of course. It can also be more depending on what needs to be altered on the gown. We only charge you for what needs to be done to the dress to get it to fit properly. So if you need just a hem and bustle, we only charge you for a hem and bustle. You are given a written estimate of alterations fees when you buy your gown, we like to be as transparent as possible on these fees so you know well in advance.

Alterations are what needs to be done to the gown to have it fit properly based on the design of the gown. Customizations are changes that you want to make the gown more for you, such as adding a sleeve or change the shape of the neckline or backline of the gown

Alterations need to start 12 weeks before the wedding and at least 8 weeks prior to the bridal portraits. If your time frame is smaller than that please contact the salon ASAP, so we can work out a plan accordingly.

All undergarments that you are planning to wear on the wedding day need to be at every fitting so we can assure a proper fit throughout the whole process. This includes but not limited to bra, shoes, petticoat, spanx, and/or anything else you want for foundational purposes for your gown to fit how you want. If any of these items are not at the fitting, it will need to be rescheduled.

Most brides need a minimum of 3-4 fittings. Depending on the amount of work that needs to be done and if you are doing bridal portraits prior to the wedding. If there is any customizations being made to the gown ( neckline change, adding sleeves, ect.) its more likely 4-6 fittings will be needed.

We ask that you look the way you want to look at the time fo the wedding when you start alterations and maintain once you start. So we can keep the amount of alterations to a minimum if possible. Otherwise if we have to alter the same area due to weight fluctuation, there would be an additional charge.

We require at least a week to get the gowns pressed and ready for the wedding and/or portraits.

We offer spot cleaning after portraits. For after the wedding, we sell a preservation kit that you can purchase without having to bring the gown back in.

Yes, as long as the bride gives us authorization for a specific person. Otherwise, we can’t release any items.

Unfortunately, we do not press or clean anything that was not purchased at Weddings By Debbie.

It is best to keep it air conditioned and out of sunlight. You will want to have it hanging up somewhere high with the train pulled straight to avoid wrinkles.

We offer financing… no money down and 6 months no interest (if approved***)

Otherwise we accept cash or credit card for payment in full for ordering a gown.